call myself • The Earth and Soul Wanderer •

And I am a multipotentialite: my interests are many and diverse, I am a fast-learner and I tend to change following the messages from my heart and soul.


The only constant in my life is change.
I walk this path as a continuous research and self-discovery, with no limits nor compulsions.
I re-invent myself at every step, I feel this is the only way I can get to life according to the eternal Me. And this is the only way I feel fully alive.

Along this spiral which is life, I am learning to only follow what comes from within, loving and respecting mySelf and every being. Critiques and judgment will always come our way, then I believe the best thing I can do is living and experiencing what light the flame within Me, no matter what.


Nowadays, I teach Yoga, I offer Guided Relaxation sessions, and I do Sound Massages with Tibetan singing bowls. I also write about Yoga, Lifestyle and Travels, and I offer resources for growth and self-discovery on my youtube channel.


I fluently speak four languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish; and wherever I go I try and learn some of the local language.  


I currently live in Southern Tuscany.