{Dreams} The puzzle of Life


I am dreaming a lot lately – long, complex, realistic dreams, of which I sometimes remember even the tiny details upon waking up, and in the following days too.


These dreams take place within the same frame.
I am with some people, I don’t know most of them nor I focus on them, but there usually is at least one person I know or I have met, live or online.
From what I can sense, I know that the context is always one of a training course or of a work project – it reminds me of a parish camp at times, whereas it sometimes makes me think of the intercultural exchanges I have joined in the past.

Within this frame, details always change: the place changes (with unrealistic transitions from a place to the next), people and activities change. Yet there is always a feeling of I-have-already-been-there, I-have-already-done-that, woven with new experiences, things that I am often not interested in, when I am awake.

For the first time in my life, I sometimes become aware that I am dreaming and because of this I can wake up, which is helpful when I am dreaming of unpleasant adventures – there hardly ever is a real danger (apart from the terroristic attack – made of big stones thrown at us – I experienced a few nights ago, which I didn’t perceive as dangerous by the way), but there often is a psycho-emotional danger.


I have always been pretty intuitive with dream interpretation (my classmates from high school know what I am talking about), but my intuition doesn’t work with my own dreams – of course…

This morning I told my mother about these dreams and she said something beautiful: “You are putting together pieces of the puzzle of your life, in order to create a strong foundation. From there, you will be able to build your future”.


It has made me think. This is happening 10 years from the beginning of my adventure with cancer and I don’t think it is a coincidence – maybe times are ripe for me to write my story and end a cycle.


Think about it: we are living in a time which energetically supports the Ending of cycles and the Beginning of new ones – if you dive deep, is this happening in your life?