Sacred Connection

Do you remember what Connection means?
When was the last time you connected to yourself, to others, to the Earth?


I invite you to re-discover Sacred Connection together.

Sacred Connection is Presence.
Presence when we relate,
presence in the routine and in the unexpected,
presence in every moment.

It is presence that brings Awareness,
that accompanies us along the path of Life.


Sacred Connection is embracing the chance to pause,
look into each other’s eyes,
discover the richness of our senses,
open up to what surrounds us
– Visible and Invisible, Tangible and Intangible.


No screen, no barrier.
Sacred Connection.


Entering the Sacred Connection also means connecting with the Heart and acting from that place.

It means choosing to be fully ourselves, to be fully authentic,
and therefore being able to finally relax, to let go of the tension created by
the inner fight between who we really are and who we are forcing ourselves to be.

It means being fully in our Power,
recognizing our role in this life on this Earth,
rediscovering a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.


It smells like happiness, doesn’t it?



There is plenty of ways to re-discover the Sacred Connection – we are going to do it through Ritual, Play, and Contact.


  • Ritual: gestures, words, intention, to celebrate, to ask for, to open up to receive, to thank; the Ritual brings us into a space which is out of time and allows us to enter a new state of consciousness, which is sacred


  • Play: intrinsic to human nature, it is fundamental for health and well-being; let’s connect to our inner child and to our animal side to access a state of joy and openheartedness


  • Contact: it means connecting, with ourselves, with others, with the Earth; Contact may be physical or energetic, gentle or full of passion, it always opens us up to vulnerability, which is strenght


Do not hesitate to get in touch with me to learn more.