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The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root yuin, which means unify.
Unifying two things means that they cannot be separated later: unify the individual consciousness and the Cosmic one, unify body, energy, mind, and spirit.


I re-discovered this discipline back in 2011, and in 2014 I went on a teacher training journey in the tradition of Integral Yoga. Right after that I started teaching.


Integral Yoga unites tradition and modernity and includes the eight limbs of original Yoga:

  • Yama: ‘restraints‘; ethical principles to follow if we want to live in harmony with society and the environment
  • Niyama: ‘observances‘; precepts that suggest how we should behave to be in harmony with ourselves
  • Asana: ‘postures
  • Pranayama: ‘life energy control‘; breathing techniques
  • Pratiyahara: ‘withdrawal of the senses
  • Dharana: ‘concentration‘; focus on one object only (breath, candle, image, etc.)
  • Dhyana: ‘contemplation‘, ‘meditation
  • Samadhi: ‘spiritual ecstasy‘; the subject and the object of contemplation melt, state of Oneness


When you join one of the classes I offer, you will live a profound experience of connection and discovery, through the integration between yoga practices (poses, breath, meditation, relaxation, chanting) and elements coming from other arts and disciplines.


• Each class is a unique and special journey •



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I teach group classes (info) and am available for private classes (in Italian or in English, in the comfort of your own place).

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