Wild Wellness Weekend in Tuscany

Nature, Movement, Wellness, Tradition


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When was the last time you really relaxed?

When was the last time you played and had fun?

When was the last time you were present and fully enjoyed the moment?

When was the last time your eyes twinkled with excitement and happiness?


If these questions ↑ have lighted a spark somewhere within you
then the adventure I am about to propose is definitely for you and you don’t want to miss it!


We will meet in the countryside in Southern Tuscany,
in a rural environment, tied to tradition and modern at the same time
– where nature and wellness walk hand in hand.

Wild Wellness Weekend


We will get to know each other through Wild Movement and Yoga
we will gather in Sacred Connection with ourselves, others and the Earth.

Play, fun and pleasure will be the keywords of this adventure.
We will have the chance to test ourselves, to be amazed by ourselves,
to learn, and to re-discover the true essence of Life.

Wild Wellness Weekend


You will return home renewed, in a state of Joy and Expansion.
You will see yourself as a child and as an adult at the same time,
your eyes will twinkle and you will want to bring the experience back home
and to keep it with you for as long as possible.




If, by now, you can’t wait to experience yourself, with us, I invite you to join the

Wild Wellness Weekend

Join us on August 25th-27th,
in the beautiful location of Palazzo Bandino, in Chianciano Terme (Siena, Italy).


I am looking forward to meeting you.

From my Wild Heart to Yours,

Eleonora Cosner
(I will guide you in this adventure; get to know me better)



Friday (you can arrive when you prefer, during the afternoon)

  • 8 pm: dinner
  • 9.30 pm: Let’s Meet circle + Q&A
  • 10 pm: Guided Relaxation session
  • 11 pm: rest


  • 8 am: Meditation + Awakening practice
  • 9.30 am: breakfast
  • 10.30 am: Natural and Wild Movement + Sacred Connection session
  • 1 pm: lunch
  • 2.30 pm: Spa time
  • 5 pm: Sacred Chants session
  • 6 pm: Yoga practice
  • 8 pm: dinner
  • 9.30 pm: Sharing circle
  • 10 pm: Guided Relaxation with Tibetan Singing Bowls session
  • 11 pm: rest


  • 8 am: Meditation + Awakening practice
  • 9.30 am: breakfast
  • 10.30 am: Natural and Wild Movement + Sacred Connection session
  • 11.45 am: Closing circle + Greetings


INFO on your STAY + PRICES (all-inclusive, exc. transportation to and from Palazzo Bandino)

When you register you need to choose the type of accomodation you want, among the following:

  • bed in a Three-Bed Room – 275€
  • bed in a Twin Room – 320€
  • Single Room – 360€

(If you join the retreat with a partner/friend and you want to be in the same room, please let us know through the registration form – you may also ask for a double bed instead of two singles)

You can also join us only for Saturday’s activities (all activities + meals included) – 135€



For further information, get in touch: info@eleonoracosner.com



Wild Wellness Weekend