My name is Eleonora and I have always been “the weirdo” – at first because I was the good girl, the best student at school, the one who is never wrong; later, when I started leaving the cages I (and others) had built for me, because I was (and am) the one who is interested and practises the weirdest stuff – in a very small town.
This has been one of my heaviest weights to carry around for a long time, and even nowadays it is at times tough to navigate these waters. But…

At some point I realised that my eccentricity was to be embraced; hence I decided to embrace it and listen to it, and I am who I am today thanks to this decision too (I am and will always be grateful to have found out about Multipotentiality, which made me understand that I am not “wrong”).


I started learning about “not-so-normal” topics when I was about 9 years old (even if the decision I talk of above came way later), and the journey of research and discovery has never stopped since then – I have also cultivated more “normal” interests, by studying languages and political science, migrations and environmentalism, by doing acting, music and dance, writing and social activism, all things that are still a part of me, but this is a whole another story…

Throughout time I have dealt with Reiki, Aura Reading, Sound Massages… but a fundamental step in my life and growth has been when I met Yoga – which has given me the tools to, finally, change in the body and navigate life’s waters, above all the hard ones.
At the same time, since I can remember, I have always been connected to Nature – partly thanks to my grandfather, partly thanks to my primary school teachers, partly thanks to a force or voice that has always brought me back to Her anytime I have tried to move away.

This connection with Nature has brought me to explore beliefs and a spirituality based on the Earth and on the Divine Feminine – that are very different from what I grew up with (Catholicism).
This has meant developping a relationship with my body – a body that has been denied for too long – so I found Natural Movement, I started practising Menstrual Cycle Awareness and studying Sexuality.
It has also meant looking for akin souls and mostly for Sisters I can share the Path with and whom I can support and who can support me.
It has meant getting in touch once again with Natural Rhythms, Life Cycles, necessary Transitions, to comprehend and cultivate them.

Well, who I am today and what I share and offer are but the result of this Life Path so far – and as I am in never-ending evolution, so is what I offer.


Nowadays, I am creating the new chapter of this Path and I’m looking forward to telling you more about it,
and to be in Circle with you.

In the meanwhile, you can find me on the blog with a new article every week, on my youtube channel with two brand new videos a month, on Instagram and Facebook where I post (almost) daily.