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Anjaneyasana - 12Ott'15

High Street, Guildford – UK

Autumn started, and I left.

Another Fall, another turned page“.

Then I stayed for three weeks. Three weeks only.
Oh, how many times I have heard in the last few days “I thought you would stay longer!”.

And you’re right. It was meant to be longer.

But, you know, Life doesn’t follow our plans, it gets in the way, and it does so for a specific reason: to allow us to learn what we need to learn in order to grow and evolve.

This time, Life has suggested, through more or less clear messages, that I would go back to my hometown.
This doesn’t mean that those three weeks were useless, nor that I haven’t learnt or achieved anything.

I have learnt a lot, on the outside and on the inside.

  • I have confirmed (to myself) that I am a fast learner. I worked in a coffee shop, I had never worked in a similar place before, and within a few days I had already begun a pretty good waitress and dishwasher ;) and I have learnt far more than this. So, employers out there, even if I don’t have previous experience in a field, I can learn quickly ;)
  • I have got to see how yoga is in another country, I have seen that yoga in the UK is closer to yoga in the US than it is in Italy, and I didn’t like that too much. I went to beautiful and pleasurable classes, on a physical level, but they lacked – totally or partly – other elements that are fundamental to me: breath, meditation and proper relaxation. No doubts that I received new prompts and ideas to renew my teaching style though.
  • I have (re)discovered my body’s sensitivity. It is sensitive to food and externatl agents, but also to mood and emotions. I have seen again how my hair and skin mess up if I eat something that is bad to me or if I am feeling stressed or sad. I still remember being in high school and there was this friend of mine who could understand my mood just by looking at my hair on that day. It is still is that way, not just for the outside body, but also for the inner body.
  • I have learnt to ask. Ask, ask, ask until I am sure I have understood, until I am sure I know what the other person wants to communicate. I have learnt to do so without refraining (too much) for fear of being seen as ignorant or incompetent. In the end, the more you ask the more you learn, asking questions is a way to gain more knowledge.
  • I have learnt that there is not necessarily better than here, wherever these there and here may be. This is true on the physical, psychological and emotional levels. Leaving also helps in understanding that our romantic ideas on places, things and people often are just that, romantic ideas. It helps in learning that beauty and happiness, as ugliness and unhappiness, can be found anywhere, because they are ultimately within us. Thus, it is of no use going to the other side of the world if we are unhappy. Going within, that is the ultimate discovery trip… but, yeah, travelling can give some more tips and cues one can think about ;)

I have learnt much more than this.
Every moment has been (and will be) a Life master.

I came home thinking that probably it just hadn’t been the right time to go away… but it has been the right one, in its own way. Everything happens when it needs to happen, it could have not been in any other way.

Now I am here, ready to start again, strenghtened by the experience and the new knowledge.

I have learnt that every moment lived in the Presence, wherever I am, wherever we are, draws us closer to our Essence. It is from being one with the Essence that we can give and share who we are and what we know in the best possible way, as we come from a place within ourselves which is one of Love.


And now it’s your turn: Autumn is always a time of reflection and change, it is a time to start over new.
What has changed in your life during these first three weeks of Autumn? What have you learnt?
Leave a comment below to share with me and us all what you have conquered and what you have become more aware of.


With Love,
Eleonora, your #earthandsoulwanderer