burning woman
I met the Burning Woman.

A sharp pain – I didn’t even remembered I could feel – overwhelmed me.

All of me was shaked, with no chance or will to top that wave I feared was trying to swamp me and drown me, and never let me resurface again.

It was a cry of deep pain expressed through a voice that almost didn’t seem mine.

It was ancestral.

I was scared, scared not to resurface again.

Yet a tiny part of me hidden who knows where knew.

It knew that that one was a much needed wave.

And it didn’t let me flee, not this time, no more.

The following morning I was dazed and exhausted, as if returning from a great battle.

But I was alive, I survived.

I was strong because I knew that if I had made it this time I could make it anytime.

And I was lighter, relieved of a part of repressed emotions, experience and traumas that had been left to rot within for a very long time.

I didn’t flee, therefore I took an evolutionary jump in awareness that my Soul had been waiting for long.

I took a step towards Me, the one who is free, powerful and adventurous, the one who goes searching for her happiness, because she knows she’s worth it.