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Do you ever find yourself having your head in the clouds? Or do you ever feel blocked in your creativity?

Here is a short sequence that will help you to connect with the Earth and its grounding, soothing energy, and with Mother Earth as a loving entity and as the ultimate expression of the Divine Feminine and of creativity.

By practicing this sequence, you will activate, activate and bring back to balance your first (Muladhara), second (Svadhistana), fourth (Anahata) and seventh (Sahasrara) chakras.
At the end you will feel your whole body (and beyond) flowing with energy; so, take your time, be still and just feel.


Here is the sequence, step by step:

1. Stand in Tadasana (Mountain pose):
feet are hip-distance apart, parallel, knees are soft,
hips are in neutral position; circle your shoulders back
and let them relax, back and down.
Bring your hands on your belly in Yoni Mudra, belly button at the centre.





 Join your pinky fingers,
palms facing towards you,
and inhaling bring your hands up towards the sky;
join your palms, in Anjali Mudra.




3. Exhaling, bend your arms,
lower them by bringing them behind the head,
then, while the hands slide down along the body,
bend your knees, keep your back straight
and go closer to the earth





Inhaling, “gather”
some energy from the Earth
and bring it up;
go back to a standing position.



5. Bring your hands over your head
and, exhaling, shower in the energy
you gathered and slowly
bring your hands back on your belly, in Yoni Mudra.




Repeat steps 2-5.
This time brings your hands on the heart,
at the centre of the chest,
and let the gathered energy enter the heart;
the, slowly, bring your hands back on your belly, in Yoni Mudra.




7. Repeat steps 2-5.
This time brings your hands on the belly
and let the gathered energy enter the belly;
the, slowly, bring your hands back in Yoni Mudra.


8. Relax the arms, close your eyes
and stay in Tadasana for some moments.
Observe the sensations all over your body.



Leave a comment below to let me know how you felt.

Be good!


With love,
Eleonora, your #earthandsoulwanderer