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I strongly believe that one of the root causes of the bad things happening in the world is our feeling of separatedness.

We see ourselves as separated from each other, there is “me” and there is “you”. As a consequence, some grow a feeling of superiority, some others of inferiority, and we end up constantly comparing ourselves to the people we meet along our path, full of envy, and of meanness, at times.

We see ourselves as separated from Nature and we often feel superior to Her and to the other beings that are part of Her. Yet we forget that we are Nature and when we hurt Her we hurt ourselves too. Sure, we don’t usually see the effects  of our actions on our species immediately after we have done something, but the system we are part of will present the bill, sooner or later.

the treehugger


From this feeling of separatedness, another feeling of superiority and a lack of empathy and rispect arise.


And yet, small actions would suffice!

To show respect, to try and put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, to offer kindness and smiles.

Every tiny little act counts.

And then this happens: the more sensitivity we show, the more sensitivity we develop.


Give a little help to the person who asks for it, caress a cat that comes to you, sincerely compliment a stranger, support a cause you believe in, pick up some plastic from the ground, listen to a friend.
And when you walk down the road, smile to those you meet.
(A smile can turn on other hundred smiles or more)


Start each new day with a open heart and every day act with kindness at least once, towards a brother or a sister, and towards yourself (don’t forget about yourself).


Your life won’t magically become easy, but you’ll add a dash of happiness to your life and to the lives of those who will have the chance to meet your wonderful soul on their journey.


Maybe this thought of mine is the sign you were waiting for. Now is your moment.

I hope we will meet soon, I will recognize your smile.


With Love,
Eleonora, your #earthandsoulwanderer


P.S.: What act of kindness will you offer today?