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I am

With the beginning of 2017 I felt a shift in global energy.
A lot of things in my life have been through a transformational process (which is still ongoing).

I feel I am where I should be, on the path.
And Life gives proof of this: what drains my energy takes a separate path, in a way or another (even if the separation may be full of suffering and attachment); new experiences and adventures, which are in line with what my soul has chosen, knock unexpectedly at my door.
This all gives me a sense of lightness and the lighter I become, the more everything else in my life seems to align with the purpose.


Not everything goes with the flow of transformation-evolution, not everything follows the vital stream of abundance.
When one aspect of life is unhealthy, everything else ends up encountering limits.
Potentialities can’t be fully expressed because they need to divert to bring the unhealthy aspect back on the right path.
There is a waste of energy, that could be used instead for the purpose I was talking about earlier.


Why? Why is there a dis-alignment?
We are on this beautiful Earth to learn.
Sometimes lessons are hard; Life knows how we are: she tries to teach us in a smooth and sweet manner, but when we don’t listen she does it the hard way.
The dis-alignment is a lesson we need to learn: when everything seems to go full sail ahead, that part of life that doesn’t stay on board is exactly that part we need to take care of, or that we need to become aware of.


I am sure that time passing by we will see that dis-alignment as a lifeline that was thrown to us right on time, before the arrival of sharks.
But only if we learn to see and listen.
If we do learn, we will avoid to settle in a situation that looks (almost) perfect but that actually hides uncured wounds.
If we do learn, all Life will go back into alignment and will go with the flow of that river that our soul chose to navigate a long, long time ago.

Patience is required.
A little bit of courage is required.
We need both of them.
And everything will change.

In that moment the world will be as beautiful and shining as it never was before.


With Love,

I am