I’m tired” – An outburst


I’m tired of all the BS.
I’m tired of racism.
I’m tired of sexism.
I’m tired of disrespect.

I’m tired of people hiding behind BS in order to
preserve their privileged position in this fucked up world system.
I’m tired of this world only led by greed and money,
a world where a yellow piece of paper is worth 200€ and it makes a difference if you have it or not.
It’s just a fucking piece of paper.
I’m tired of insensitivity and of being called too sensitive.
Or, for the matter, being called too of anything or not enough of something.

I’m tired of judging people.
I’m tired of meanness.
I’m tired of people full of hate who throw their discomfort onto others.
I’m tired of a world which values comfort over Earth.
I’m tired of a world which wants to maintain the status quo
even if the latter is fucked up.

I’m tired of borders.
I’m tired of the politics of terror and fear.
I’m tired of a world where there are people no one cares about.
I’m tired of seeing trees cut down because
they get in the way of human activity or out of greed.
I’m tired of people who don’t give a shit about what’s around them,
because they’re too busy choosing their next pair of shoes
or finding the best way to fool other people.


And, most importantly, I’m tired of staying silent.
I’m tired of accepting this whole BS.
I want to speak up, for myself, for fellow earthlings in need,
for this beautiful planet, our mother Earth.
I want to contribute to a change for the better,
and I can’t do so if I stay silent.

I dream of a world where people are good to each other
for no other reason than just being good.
I dream of a world where people do not strive to put others down
in order to feel better about themselves,
but where they lift each other up and gather in humanhood.
I dream of a world where we can all live in harmony,
with ourselves, others, and the Earth.

Idealistic? Maybe.
But I’ll do my best to turn this idea into reality.

Haters gonna hate, someone said.
But hey, lovers gonna love!

Let’s join under the Love flag.
It’s only when we gather that we can change the world.


Are you with me on this, love warrior?


From my Wild Heart to Yours,