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A few days ago, I went to London.
It was lunchtime, my friend G. had to go to work at the Covent Garden Hotel and, as I was close to there, I decided to go and eat at the Wild Food Cafe, in Neal’s Yard.

For those of you who have never been there, Neal’s IMG_20151001_115850 (2)Yard is a colourful tiny little square, in Covent Garden.
Totally another world: there you will find a hairdresser, a health shop and three or four cafes/restaurants that sell vegan/raw/gluten-free/and such food.
That is, my world.

One of the restaurants in Neal’s Yard is the Wild Food Cafe where, as I said, I decided to go and eat.
I’ve been following the Cafe online for a while now, so I could not not go there for lunch.
All colourful inside and outside, they offer organic, vegan and gluten-free dishes, therefore they don’t write ‘V(egan)’ or ‘g(luten)f(ree)’ on their menu, but ‘G(luten)’ or ‘D(airy)’ when the food contains such products.
An upside down world, and I prefer it this way! :)

They also offer raw food.
And I chose exactly a raw vegan, gluten free dish.
I had a Wild C.U.L.T. Sandwich: cashew and coconut ‘mozzarella’, young coconut ‘bacon’, Umeboshi plums, watercress, tomato and truffle sandwich in their own in-house focaccia bread, served with salad and sweet potato wedges (originally kale chips, but they were over).

IMG_20151001_115755 (2)

To say that it was yummy is an understatement. Oh, and water is free!
Prices are affordable and the quality is excellent.

If you pass by London, pop in there: APPROVED.


With love,
Eleonora, your #earthandsoulwanderer


P.S.: soon updates on my new adventure :)