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The wanderlust bug had been biting for a while, my feet were itchy and ready for a new adventure (the last trip had been the one to Tenerife and La Gomera, in the Canary Islands, back in May 2016).


I thought I would left alone, as I have almost always done in my life – being a solo-traveller has lots of pros.
Yet, I asked one of my siblings if he would travel with me and, after a little brain storming, we have decided to go to London.

I went to London three times before, he never went. Probably this is the reason why this trip felt unusual to me: partly boring, partly stressful (of course, London is never relaxing)… after three days I was ready to go back home.


We visit the great classics, always incredibly fascinating.












We have looked for little magic places where gluten-free food was available (as to this, London is a whole another world, almost every café offers at least a gluten-free brownie or cake, which are often dairy-free too… I felt welcomed).
















We wondered, enthusiastically fascinated (my brother mostly) by the frequency of traing and buses.









We immersed in Harry Potter’s magic at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.










We made friends with squirrels in Hyde Park and Greenwich.










We met old and new friends.






Yet, as you have probably guessed, travelling is not always the exciting, joyful experience that some may depict.
Sometimes travelling is leaving the routine to be able to look at one’s life from afar in order to better understand what’s going on – even if one doesn’t realise there is something to acknowledge and think about.
This is what the trip to London has been, truth smacking me in the face – and it hurts.

This trip allowed me to understand many things on myself and my life (which has been in a review/revolution/transformation phase for a few months now).

I had the opportunity to meet mySelf while strolling in the streets of that hectic, always-awake city.
I was enough aware to see, even among the chaos, that Soul was talking to me, asking me to be brave enough to be open, listen and act upon.
I thought about my lifestyle, relationships, work, feeling alive and happy, what’s good for me and what’s not, and many, many other things.
While I was in London there was the most fertile Full Moon of the year and she also brought messages, on the necessity to let go and to do so as soon as possible (once back home, I did it, at least part of it).



The one-day trip outside of the city came. Destination: Salisbury and Stonehenge.
My brother suggested that we go and I am grateful for this.


Visiting Stonehenge and the Wiltshire countryside today, and strolling among the fields, surrounded by beauty and good energy, have reminded me of how Nature is essential to my wellbeing and health.
And Stonehenge, well, has such a strong energy!
I shiver every time I think of it.



It was an unusual trip.
I would never expect a trip like this one.
A trip where boredom was very present and maybe, thanks to her, it was a trip where epiphany was present too.
A trip where Soul was speaking in every moment, where in every moment Wild Woman was calling to go back to her.


The Earth and Soul Wanderer