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This week I want to keep talking about Love.
And I have decided to do so through two sacred chants, both from India, even if each is from a different tradition.

The first chant is “Ra Ma Da Sa”, a healing chant from the Sikh tradition of Kundalini Yoga.
It’s made of eight syllables:
Ra = Sun
Ma = Moon
Da = Earth
Sa = Infinity, Universal Energy
Sa = Infinity, Universal Energy
Say = Spirit, Energy
So = Manifestation
Hung = the Infinite

It vibrates at the same healing vibration of the Universe, which is also a vibration of Love.

Here is the chant in the version by Snatam Kaura, gifted singer and yogini:

The second, “Baba Nam Kevalam”
, is a Love chant from the Tantric tradition. Its meaning is = Love is all there is.


Chant these sacred chants, focus on the meaning and the intention, and you will feel your vibe rise.


With Love,
Eleonora, your #earthandsoulwanderer

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