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These days, more than ever, I’m thinking about the concepts of hatred, violence, and separation.

Brexit (the British asked to leave the EU) was a shake-up, but not everyone reacted the same way.
Some took the chance to think, to reflect, some others to express their ideas.


This morning I read a few tweets and facebook posts written by people who live in the UK on episodes they witnessed down the road, all of them after the Leave won.

“ Go back to your country”.
“Pack your stuff and go away”.
“Make Britain white again”.
“Stop immigration. Start repatriations”.

And so on.


People, now more than ever, feel legitimated to openly express their racism (hey, welcome back to the 1930s).
Not that hidden racism is good, but surely those who behave so badly towards other human beings, who humiliate them, even if most of the immigrants have been living in the UK for 5, 10, 20 years and have been contributing to the wellbeing of the Nation and of its citizens through their work and the taxes they have been paying… well, those who behave so badly should be punished.


What is even scarier and more dangerous is that this racism that some Brits are expressing these days is everywhere, and we have proof of that by listening to Le Pen and Salvini and all people who think they are right.
(“I’m not a racist but…” doesn’t work anymore)

So I wonder: is it possible that we don’t see that this is a battle of the have-nots?
Is it possible that we don’t understand that the attempt of creating conflicts (between citizens and immigrants, between black and white, between “us” and “you”) has always been and will always be just a distraction to divert our attention from the fact that very few people, the power elite, make decisions to control our lives?
The more distracted and the weaker we are, the more power and control they gain, as we are too busy to really understand who should be the target of our fight. And then we become less free and more enslaved.

Don’t we really see this?


I have decided that I want to fight for what really matters by committing socially and environmentally, by creating a growing and evolving community, by encountering others and remaining open, by sharing ideas, by discussing and debating respectfully, by elevating energy and consciousness.

Because, ultimately, my answer to war is Love.


Thus I’ll leave you with a chant, a prayer to Love.


May our hearts acknowledge and be open to Love.
May our words be a hymn to Love.
May our minds shine in Love.
May our lives be an example of Love.


your #earthandsoulwanderer