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Paris sera toujours Paris“,
Frédéric Dard




I didn’t think it would move me so much to go back to Paris.
My heart started beating faster as soon as I left the metro at Oberkampf and took a breath of the Parisian air.
And who cares about cold and rain when you feel such great a joy in your heart?

I have chosen to let emotions speak of this trip, hence my writing is going to be short so that I can let my video-tale tell you more (you can find the video right at the end of this blogpost ↓).


#Paris2017 has marked an important time in my life:

it has allowed me to re-discover my travelling self;

it has accompanied me along the path back ‘home’, along the path back to myself;

it has made me understant that we are never alone and that bonds survive even when we are far in time and space – a look in the eyes and everything comes back with the same intensity;

it has told me that it is normal to be afraid, but it has also told me that we have all the tools to serenely overcome all hardships;

it has reminded me of the importance of gratitude and of the beauty of saying YES to life;

it has taught me (again) what Freedom means.



Here is my video-tale – I hope I have been able to make you experience at least a fragment of what my heart felt while in the Ville Lumière:


From my Heart to yours,
• The Earth and Soul Wanderer •