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A while ago, I booked a Yoga and Meditation retreat. I should have left for 3 days, last weekend.

Yet, life sometimes gets in the way: things happen, mood changes… I chose to listen to and respect myself, and I stayed home.
I need a familiar environment, but also time for myself exclusively, to be in Nature and in slowness, as it hadn’t happened for a long time.


The first day was ENERGY and SLOWNESS,
trees, Earth, release, grounding

tree, retreat




The second day the RAIN came, and with it DISCOVERY,
cold, Water, cry, magic





The third day was for WARMTH and BEAUTY,
lake, Fire, pleasure, growth

lake of Chiusi



Then my personal retreat ended.
I left solitude and got back to relationships with others, in a new and enriched way.


A few days have passed and now it’s time for the fourth phase.

breath, Air, lightness in the heart and the Soul


I decided to take time off for myself only when I ended up being sick.
My body, mind and Soul had asked me for a long time to unplug and to recharge in Nature and in slowness.
I used the excuse of having many things to do in order to not listen to them, until when I had to.


This is my message for you, and for me:

Do it straight away, whenever the message arrives, whenever the Inner Guru speaks.
Don’t wait for imbalance and disease.
Does the Guru ask you to rest? Rest.
To sleep? Sleep.
To fly? Fly.

Just, L I S T E N .


With Love,
Eleonora, #earthandsoulwanderer