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“Ciò che dovremmo fare invece è imparare l’arte del non attaccamento e del nuovo che si crea ogni momento.
Quando riapriamo gli occhi su un nuovo giorno tutto il mondo rinasce”, Erica F. Poli.


non attachment

Learning the art of non attachment is one of the most difficult lessons for me
Letting go, staying open to change, this often makes me anxious.
Sometimes though awareness gets through, even if for a moment only: anxiety and suffering are the children of attachment.

When we are connected to something/someone, separation hurts, and this is completely normal.
Yet, we can avoid suffering and anxiety, by learning to let go.

If we learn to go with the flow, that sensation of contraction and the need of shutting oneself away dissolve – they only exist when we are in a state of attachment and we fear change.
When we learn to go with the flow, tensions melt away and we open up to Lightness and Space.


The learning process is not a linear one, it is made of ups and downs, it brings us into a spiral dance.

In the moments when we are aware, though, we experience what life can be like: fluid, soft, light, wild.
Those moments add together within us and contribute to create a memory which is bodily and hormonal too.
We slowly become able to apply the new process we are learning – the alchemical art of non attachment – to every experience and in every second we are given to live on this Earth, which is Mother.


This way, Life and Love f l o w ~

This way, we d a n c e ,


The Earth and Soul Wanderer