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Monday, 10 am_DSC5338: I am in Chianciano Terme (Siena), in front of Parco Acqua Santa, where I teach yoga on Saturday morning. Yet, today I am here for a different reason. I am here, with a friend, to pause, breathe and take care of myself.
We enter the park and we go to the Sensory Spa. The whole experience starts in the entrance: scents, fragrances…
We are ready.

Twenty rooms are waiting for us: hydromassage, saunas, multi-sensory showers, melmarium, aroma-chromo-musictherapy, pyramids, herbal teas…
Each room is connected to one of the four elements: we are born from Water, we go through Fire, we go down into the Earth and then we rise again to breath the Air.

Four paths, or treatment packages, can be followed. These paths are designed in order to attune the treatments to achieve specific results.
There is a Cleansing path, to detox body and mind;
there is a Restoring path, to restore harmony in the body, mind and spirit;
the Relaxing path, to alleviate musculoskeletal tension and to relax at a physical and mental level;
and an Energising path, to recharge and to restore physical and mental health.

Or you can choose to follow your instinct, to move from room to room only guided by your child and wild self, thus enjoying this experience with no schemes, no limits, diving with your senses into the density and intensity of the path, making your soul joyful and playful and your heart happy and bright. As to the head, if you are able to let your thoughts fly light and high you will experience hidden and forgotten sensations.


A symphony of Sounds, Scents, Colours, Tastes and Sensations.
I walked on pebbles, and my feet awakened.
I bathed in Emotions, colours and scents in the multi-sensory showers.
I listened to music under water, and I felt as one of the Triwizard Tournament champions (from “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”).
I melted in the saunas and restored in the Haze.
I covered myself with Mud and felt a child again.
I meditated inside the Pyramid.IMG_20150720_191337
I went through a chakra Re-Balancing, made of sounds and colours.
I experienced intrauterine life, sitting inside an egg, in Silence and Introspection.


Along my path I lived moments of excitement, others of relaxation and meditation, moments when I had to look inside to understand and accept myself.

I left the Spa with a lot to think about and a lot to integrate.

A night walk gave me the chance to do so.


With love,
Eleonora, your #earthandsoulwanderer


P.S.: the Sensory Spa offers this and much more. To know more about it, visit the official website.