Pregnancy is a special time in the life of every woman who decides to have a child.

During pregnancy, women become more introspective and more aware of their real needs. They also become more sensitive to the messages that the body and the mind send. This happens because both body and mind go through a huge transformation, but also because the woman’s mind is almost constantly turned inward to the little being growing inside of her.

During pregnancy, women enter a state of higher self-awareness, they start respecting more and caring more for themselves, they search for harmony, well-being and naturalness.
Yoga is a natural response to this need.Sarah-Pregnancy-2010-Yoga-2

Through this practice who affects the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies, the woman can:

  • be in a good shape throughout the whole pregnancy and soothe the typical ailments that could arise,
  • learn to accept change,
  • obtain more awareness and self-confidence, by understanding that nature has given her all the tools to experience a healthy pregnancy and to give birth,
  • release stress and tensions and thus gain a state of calm and serenity,
  • learn how to follow her instinct,
  • learn to accept that things could go differently from what she expects.

Plus, Pregnancy Yoga has many benefits for the baby’s health. By taking care of herself, the woman contributes to the baby’s natural and healthy development, starting from the womb’s period.


Yoga is really important after birth has happened as well: it can help mums to find again a good physical and emotional shape, to release stress and fatigue and to recharge her batteries. Moreover, in the Postnatal Yoga classes mums can meet other mums they can share fears and experiences with, they can be a support for each other.


I am available for Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal Yoga individual classes.

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