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The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root yuin or yug, which means to unify: to unify body, mind and spirit, to unify individual consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness.


Integral Yoga is based on traditional Yoga, hence no aspect of the discipline is overlooked, and the practice integrates poses, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation.

The approach to the practice is influenced by elements coming from other disciplines and philosophies and also from a modern approach to Yoga (aka Anukalana Yoga) – this makes the physical part of the practice fluid and varied, with static poses intertwined with dynamic sequences, honouring each person’s characteristics and our human nature.
In our meditation and relaxation practices too, there is a sense of exploration: we get to learn different techniques so that we can find the one that most suits us.


While the main goal in Yoga is reaching that unification, the path that leads there is full of benefits – among them: relaxation, stress management, decreased anxiety, increased strength and flexibility, better posture, self awareness…


Every class becomes an experience of deep connection and discovery, a unique and special journey.


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I teach group classes (info) and am available for private classes (in Italian or in English, in the comfort of your own place).

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